Tuesday, March 9, 2010

False promises and Horrible Service

Don't fall for the promises of better HD TV, faster internet, great home wi-fi all for less than what you're paying now. This has been a nightmare for us since we signed up 90 days ago. We have not gotten through a single week that something didn't go off-line. The TV, internet,wifi and cell phones have never all worked at the same time. And the bill is twice what we were lead to believe it would be. Why? If we could only see a copy of our bill we might be able to figure that out. They keep referring us to a website that runs us in circles and never gives us access to our bill. And the claims of DSL speed- that's available-
but only if you pay extra. About 10 days ago, they said they would credit our account to compensate for the lack of on-line service. Instead, they disconnected our service. I lost a week's worth of emails.
Stay away from U-verse or you'll go from Bad to U-worse!

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